Milonga! Milonga! Milonga!

I outline what milongas I like to dance and play, what are the essential components of a good milonga, and how I mix milongas in tandas.

2019: my tango year in review

I traveled to Belgrade and Berlin to dance, DJ'd in Norway, Germany, and home in Prague, and voraciously indulged in 1950s tango records. I will share what impacted me the most below.

Tanda of the week: Eduardo Del Piano / Ángel Vargas

This music paints on a large canvas with pastel colors and requires focus and musicality. I feel like I can only play it when I've captured my audience 100% and they aren't distracted by off-ronda entertainment like talking and drinking. Then they'll be rewarded.

Tanda of the week: D'Arienzo / Palma

I use late D'Arienzo sparingly and with passion. It has so much energy I want to be cautious about when to use it. This tanda comes with Horacio Palma, an expressive singer with dominating but not overbearing presence.

Thito Amantte: Reevolution

It's hard to imagine tango without the bandoneón. And yet we don't just have to imagine it, we can see what happens when it's replaced by the venerable accordion. It's key to the sound of Thito Amantte and his band. Here, I review their first album release, Reevolution. And yes,