Hello, I'm Tom

I am based in Prague, Czechia, and work with clients across Europe and the United States

In the two decades of my career, I've gone from programming to product and project management and back again, and have arrived at a point where I can synthesise what I've learned into code that matters.

Among products I have envisioned, produced and shipped by myself, with notable help by designer Ilona Horníčková, is a desktop app for DJs at social dancing events called Embrace.

Given how much I rely on Open Source on any given day, I give back when I can. My life is not just software, however. At nights I dance and DJ argentine tango. I probably listen to too many tango records at the expense of other music. My writing about tango is available on my blog, Tango Is Alive.

You can reach me at Facebook and Twitter or shoot me an email at tomas -at- tomaskohl -dot- com.