Tanda of the week: Juan D'Arienzo canta Horacio Palma

Tanda of the week: Juan D'Arienzo canta Horacio Palma

This tanda comes from the fantastic album "Rompe y raja", which is still available for purchase online as a regular CD.

You don't have a CD player anymore? Well, I suppose it's YouTube for you, then.

I love, love D'Arienzo's work from the 1960s. It's bright, energetic, pumps you up. The sound is much cleaner than his Golden age output, thanks to the superior recording technology of the day. And it's not as overbearing as his last period from the 1970s.

This is a second D'Arienzo / Palma featured here. The previous one came out in 2019. I like this stuff.


1) Garronero, B-flat major, 65 BPM, 1961
2) En la madrugada, F major, 66 BPM, 1961
3) Dicha pasada, C minor, 66 BPM, 1961
4) Rompe y raja, B-flat major / minor, 66 BPM, 1960

This is a predominantly positive, upbeat tanda. The exception is Diche pasada, which is moving along in a minor key. The closing track mixes both tonalities, major and minor, resolving the previous drama.

I like to deploy this format (upbeat - upbeat - lyrical - upbeat/lyrical) when I need a positively-charged tanda. As opposed to just throwing in four merry tracks, that would be boring. I don't claim it's a secret sauce or anything of that sort, mind you, it's just something I do.


This one's easy: anytime you need some good, honest-to-God beats to get the ronda moving. Maybe after Di Sarli or so. I am not certain I would use it in the opening hour but after that, sure.

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