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I am opening a free monthly newsletter. On the first Sunday of every month, I will send a summary e-mail with highlights of the previous month's contents. There will be no sales, no advertising, no tracking, just a few paragraphs with highlights and perhaps some extra commentary.

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Other ways to stay in touch

This blog is a personal endeavor with limited commercial ambitions. I publish 1-2 per week. There are multiple ways we can stay in touch - choose one that best fits your reading habits.

There are some of the options:

  1. You can bookmark this site (CTRL+D in most browsers) and come whenever you like.
  2. You can use a RSS reader like Feedly - add this link to receive every new article there.
  3. I am still on Facebook and all my tango posts are public. I cross-promote my writing there. However, if it weren't for tango, I would've left Facebook already, and I can't guarantee I won't leave anyway. Facebook is the cancer of the Internet.

Whatever you choose to do, I am happy to see you here!