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Localizing a WPF app running on .NET Core 3 in 2020

I have recently updated my hobby desktop app, Embrace, from .NET 4.6 to .NET Core 3.1. The process was mostly painless as I was late to the game and most Nugets were already updated for .NET Core 3 / Netstandard support. I lost no functionality - except the ability to localize the UI. Here's what I did to get it back.

Adventures with Makeblock mBot and Typescript

The mBot by Makeblock is a cutesy blue robot for teaching kids programming. It has laid on my shelf for a few years before I got to it. I am no longer a kid but I can surely learn new things with it, can I?

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Review: Berretineando by Alex Krebs

I have wanted to write about Alex Krebs' tango projects in the past, and never had a good excuse until now. It feel a bit odd to write about releases made 10 or more years ago. Fortunately, the Bandcamp re-release gave me a good excuse, and here you have it.

The Reversal

I feel compelled to come clean and admit that I've re-joined the tango community and have thereby reversed my prior decision not to.