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WPF binding with a localizable placeholder

Recently, I faced a following dilemma: I was binding a TextBlock to a string property of a class instance, and when that instance was null, I wanted to show a placeholder that had to be localizable. Here is what I learned.

How to migrate from Ghost to Eleventy

My tango blog used to run on the Ghost publishing platform. It's fast and comfortable, but since the rest of this website is built statically, I wanted move away from Ghost. Here is what I learned in the process.

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Review: DANGO

Finnish tango is a known quantity, albeit somewhat exotic. Have you heard about Danish tango, though? No? Here's your chance.

Review: Tango Bardo con Roberto Minondi

Just as I was losing hope that there would be any danceable new tango recordings coming out, Tango Bardo saved the day with their new album - 'con Roberto Minondi'. Have a listen!