Your Vision

You own the roadmap, and are responsible for launching new revenue-generating products. Improving profitability and finding new customers for products you have already launched is also your daily bread.

Vision needs execution, and that's where you are facing numerous challenges.

  • Turning ideas into fully-formed concepts that can be validated.
  • Improving turn-around time so that you can iterate and pivot faster than competition.
  • Transforming business requirements into specifications that developers can understand.

Finding qualified talent and building teams that can turn your vision into reality is a constant struggle. There are no shortcuts. Hiring an interim product manager with the right mix of expertise can give you a significant boost, however, and that's where I come in.

How To Get There

I work with organizations that are already using or want to try out agile product management.

The recent adoption of lean and agile techniques has made it easier for you to get the management buy-in for running your own "startup" within the company. You may still be constrained by many "water-fall" processes but chances are, if you can deliver, the company will let you experiment more than it used to.

I will lay the foundation of your next product with utmost care. Here are some activities that have helped my previous clients get ideas ready for development:

  • Rapid prototyping - visualizing flows, interactions, and use cases early to demonstrate your intent and gather feedback without making a significant investment.
  • User testing - letting other people validate your concepts, learning, and going from assumptions to insights.
  • Choosing and implementing the right metrics early, and thus making sure that you are getting the right signals from the market and can interpret them.
  • Breaking down concepts into themes and epics that can be elaborated and given more detail. Creating and managing the development backlog.
  • Being there for your team - building on established chemistry, sharing knowledge and ultimately making myself redundant when we've succeeded.

Let's Talk

Have a look at my portfolio, read more about the services you can get from me, then give me a call to start the conversation.