Review: Sin Palabras by Quarteto Sol Tango

It takes two to tango but at least three to make tango, and possibly four to create a rich enough sound space for tango to flourish. Quarteto Sol Tango manage that beautifully. Their new release "Sin palabras" has only been out since early January, and I have already included a

Review: Buscándote by Orquesta Esquina Sur

This is a story of unfulfilled expectations. Of "what might have been." I frequently browse Bandcamp searching for new tango releases, and find it immensely useful. No longer do bands have to go through the long journey leading towards an album release: nowadays, they can simply record it, supply an

Review: Guapeando by Cuarteto Tanguero

A fresh new record arrived to my collection of American-made tango music, the "Guapeando" album by "Cuarteto Tanguero" out of Indiana. Conveniently, it comes with three tandas of music: one in a brisk Troilo instrumental style, another with a lot heavier Pugliese / late Troilo charm, and one with swift and

Review: Viejo norte by Sexteto Cristal

Tango is alive in Germany, and more importantly, great new tango records are being made there, too. The album "Viento norte" by Sexteto Cristal is a gem. The band resides in Hamburg, and if I needed one more reason to visit the city, hearing them live would certainly fit!