Review: Avanti by Orquesta Típica Andariega

Have you heard? Andariega has a new album out, Avanti. And it features Marisol Martinez, whom we know from her collaboration with Orquesta Romantica Milonguera. Andariega remakes old tunes with varying degree of fidelity but always with care and precision. And they care about dancers all the time.

Orchestra Esquinas: tangos from a pub

I wrote a while back how I like the non-serious, slightly drunk side of tango - as if danced in a smoky pub. If I ever get a chance to DJ in such environment, I'll play some Tango Esquinas there. Today, I'm reviewing their newest album, Orchestra Esquinas, from 2018.

Review: Rodolfo Biagi con Hugo Duval 1956/1961

Dancers and DJs have recurring arguments about the 1950s and newer music. One side says it's difficult, decadent, and not as much fun to dance to than the Golden Age repertoire. The counter is that the songs have more "(d)epth and emotional intensity", as Warren Edwardes writes. Your tango

Romantica Milonguera plays The Beatles

I'll preface this brief post by saying that I don't care all that much about The Beatles. And if someone decides to make tango covers from their songs, it certainly does not offend my sensibilities. Orquesta Romantica Milonguera did just that, and if I had any complaint at all it

Review: Sin Palabras by Quarteto Sol Tango

It takes two to tango but at least three to make tango, and possibly four to create a rich enough sound space for tango to flourish. Quarteto Sol Tango manage that beautifully. Their new release "Sin palabras" has only been out since early January, and I have already included a

Review: Buscándote by Orquesta Esquina Sur

This is a story of unfulfilled expectations. Of "what might have been." I frequently browse Bandcamp searching for new tango releases, and find it immensely useful. No longer do bands have to go through the long journey leading towards an album release: nowadays, they can simply record it, supply an

Review: Guapeando by Cuarteto Tanguero

A fresh new record arrived to my collection of American-made tango music, the "Guapeando" album by "Cuarteto Tanguero" out of Indiana. Conveniently, it comes with three tandas of music: one in a brisk Troilo instrumental style, another with a lot heavier Pugliese / late Troilo charm, and one with swift and

Review: Viejo norte by Sexteto Cristal

Tango is alive in Germany, and more importantly, great new tango records are being made there, too. The album "Viento norte" by Sexteto Cristal is a gem. The band resides in Hamburg, and if I needed one more reason to visit the city, hearing them live would certainly fit!