Thito Amantte: Reevolution

It's hard to imagine tango without the bandoneón. And yet we don't just have to imagine it, we can see what happens when it's replaced by the venerable accordion. It's key to the sound of Thito Amantte and his band. Here, I review their first album release, Reevolution. And yes,

Review: Avanti by Orquesta Típica Andariega

Have you heard? Andariega has a new album out, Avanti. And it features Marisol Martinez, whom we know from her collaboration with Orquesta Romantica Milonguera. Andariega remakes old tunes with varying degree of fidelity but always with care and precision. And they care about dancers all the time.

Orchestra Esquinas: tangos from a pub

I wrote a while back how I like the non-serious, slightly drunk side of tango - as if danced in a smoky pub. If I ever get a chance to DJ in such environment, I'll play some Tango Esquinas there. Today, I'm reviewing their newest album, Orchestra Esquinas, from 2018.