The coming tango desert

The coming tango desert

The tango world is shutting down.

It would be hard to find a hobby less practical in an event of a global pandemic. We cannot do this alone and cannot perform it remotely.

As I am not an expert in virology, I am listening to smart people who are. All of them are advising to practice "social distancing".

Inasmuch as I am comfortably introverted, I do need my weekly fix of hugs and embraces. Social distancing removes them from me for an undetermined period of time.

Not so long ago, I planned to organize about one nuevo/neotango milonga per month, and soldier on DJing. Not only I am canceling that, I won't be dancing either.

A good friend of mine here in Prague started this practice back in January. Then, I thought he was over-reacting. Now I think he was prescient.

There is nothing we can do except weather this coming storm.

More important aspects of our lives are on the table anyway. Tango is a hobby, and hobbies must give way to saving lives and keeping our loved ones out of harm's way.

When most of us have already been infected and recovered, I could imagine holding events for the survivors, so to speak. That moment is still far out, I think.

Until then, be safe, be strong, and be wise. We will hug again.

image credit Hassan Pasha

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