The Reversal

The Reversal

I feel compelled to come clean and admit that I've re-joined the tango community and have thereby reversed my prior decision not to.

Two things can be true at the same time: I believe Corona is no laughing matter, and don't want to stay put until the vaccine magically solves it.

The decision-making is confounded by the general lack of conclusive evidence in either direction. You pick your expert then follow the advice. Ideally there would be just one truth, however. I don't think we've discovered it yet.

Many of the visible signs of the health of our society however suggest that the virus here is busy drinking Pilsner and smoking pot. No signs of any stress on the health system and very few people getting really sick.

That led me to concluding that I would take a few extra risks, such as occasionally dancing or DJing, as well as seeing friends and family, and see what happens. I don't see it necessarily as a coin toss, because I don't know what the odds are.

Hopefully I won't have to reverse this reversal again.

image credit goes to Egor Barmin

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