Review: Loca (as a milonga) by Pablo Valle Sexteto

Review: Loca (as a milonga) by Pablo Valle Sexteto

Loca is an iconic song with a special place in any milonga.

During a lively night, it serves as an excellent piece to conclude a high-energy tanda.

Under the right dance floor conditions, it has the potential to create a supernova. Many bands have covered it, and it's a common find on cover albums. However, the bar is set high - if you're aiming for the King, you better not miss!

So, what could be done to amplify the original's energy without venturing into Absurdistan?

Here's an idea: how about transforming it into a milonga?

This track is a single by the Pablo Valle Sexteto, which may now be rebranded as "Tango Siempre," judging by the artwork. Now that you've listened to it, what do you think: could you dance to it as a milonga?

Obviously, you won't know until you try. To me, it seems a tad mechanical and indecisive: the melodic elements are all present, including some iconic phrasing, but the underlying milonga beat feels as if it's been attached post-hoc. It feels like a very fast Loca that might (though not guaranteed) encourage milonga patterns on the dance floor.

But hey, even if I'm not immediately convinced, it could still work! Perhaps surprising your dancers with it could provide a delightful amusement!`

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