Tanda of the week... with Marisol Martinez

Tanda of the week... with Marisol Martinez

We almost made it through another Friday the 13th, and so to calm our nerves, here is a soothing, warm tanda for our empty embraces.

This time, it's on Spotify as not all tunes are available on YouTube.


The first three songs are with Marisol's current ensemble, La Auténtica Milonguera, reviewed here and here. The ultimate piece comes from her earlier collaboration with Romantica Milonguera.

We open with the majestic El último café (E-flat major). It's almost four minutes long but that's quite OK for an opener. It gives the couples more time to find each other.

El abrojito (D major alternating with d minor) is very cuddly and makes for a smooth transition. Pugliese recorded it with Alberto Morán and this version could not be more different. It stands out in its own way.

The third song is intended to make some waves on this otherwise peaceful surface. Cada vez que me recuerdes (G major alternating with G minor) is most known from the recording of Troilo with Fiorentino. The key is . I am happy I now have this worthwhile modern rendition for dancefloor use.

The tanda closes with (A major). Caló and Troilo recorded it back in their day, and I have to admit I am knowledgeable about neither version. Given how brilliant this piece comes about from Romantica with Marisol, I won't rush to cover my omission anytime soon.


When you want to calm your dancers' nerves and give them space for warm, cuddly embrace, this will do the job.

I have played Auténtica every time in the past two months. It wasn't pre-planned, I just always found a reason to put Marisol and her colleages on the stage. Their covers are lovely.

image credit Christiana Rivers

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