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How to teach your Node.js app to speak SQL without an ORM
published on Aug 18, 2021

I tell you how you can use plain-old SQL in your Typescript app while retaining type safety and preventing SQL injection at the same time.

How to migrate from Ghost to Eleventy
published on Jan 30, 2021

My tango blog used to run on the Ghost publishing platform. It's fast and comfortable, but since the rest of this website is built statically, I wanted move away from Ghost. Here is what I learned in the process.

Adventures with Makeblock mBot and Typescript
published on Apr 07, 2020

The mBot by Makeblock is a cutesy blue robot for teaching kids programming. It has laid on my shelf for a few years before I got to it. I am no longer a kid but I can surely learn new things with it, can I?

How to create reports in MongoDB with just some Javascript
published on Feb 01, 2020

MongoDB does not speak SQL. That's fine - it speaks Javascript. You can quickly export interesting views on your data with just a bit of code.