What Is It Like To Work With Me?

So, you’re impressed by my work and think we could work well together! Me, too! What’s next?

First, we get to know each other so that I can build a good initial picture of your business, and you can get a good sense of how I work. Tell me how intriguing your business is and how much good it brings to the world at large so I am excited about being part of something so wonderful!

We will stay in touch throughout the project and keep each other in the loop about changes and impressions. Communication may happen through Github issues, Slack messages, or email. Your tech stack, my tech stack, it doesn’t really matter. I am a polyglot programmer. You may need me to learn a new framework or service, or I may propose a cool platform or library that I feel would do the job better than what we are currently working on.

In the end, software is about people. I am deeply invested in your project and am as excited as you are about each issue, every bug fixed, every release shipped.

Sample engagements

Curious about who else has used my services? Check out how I have used my skills to help some amazing projects. Yours could be next!

A famous car company had an unfortunate run-in with the law by cheating on the emission tests, leaving many customers due for compensation. A German client representing these customers needed help automating business processes on their custom system so that each customer can go forward with their claim easily.

Tech stack: PHP8, Laravel, MySQL, Redis.

Czech philarmonic, Prague, Czechia

When the national symphony wanted to make live broadcasts accessible for schools and eventually to the wider public, I was on the job! The output was a blueprint for implementation that included the public web as well as the administration area.

Insurance startup, Munich, Germany

Munich Re, the German reinsurance company, wanted to build a white-label platform for the insurance companies they serve. The goal was to give people a new way to put money aside towards their financial goals through a smartphone app that would help set up financial goals and suggest how much to save every month. The users’ money would go into an index fund and Munich Re would guarantee a high proportion of the premiums in case the market went south.

They set up a startup within the company and invited me to join as a contractor.

One of the areas where I helped them succeed was integration with one of the clients, a Portuguese insurance company. This project involved designing and developing REST APIs, setting up batch integration, and developing custom integration components. The key task was merging two very different worlds: a modern real-time stack with a world of legacy enterprise software.

Tech stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Docker and Kubernetes, Kotlin, PostgreSQL.

Cable TV and Internet provider, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This project consisted of technical consulting focused on enterprise integration during the merger of UPC and Ziggo cable operators in the Netherlands. My main responsibility was to deliver a unified checkout for online orders of cable TV & Internet products. Later, I took on the responsibility of upgrading the ecommerce platform in UPC Switzerland to use Liberty’s new pan-European E-Commerce platform.

Tech stack: Adobe AEM

Home contractor, Austin, TX

A company with branches with multiple U.S. states wanted a custom web app for managing leads they receive from web forms, e-mail, and call centers.

The resulting app captures the leads via automation based on REST APIs and inbound email. It exposes an ergonomic dashboard that the sales reps use to follow up on the leads and close deals. The app is responsive and is being used on PC as well as smartphones.

Tech stack: PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL.

Types of engagements


Does your project require a specific integration that you are not knowledgeable in? Do you want to test-drive a platform or framework before committing to it or need to prototype something before development can proceed on a firm foundation of verified requirements? I'll bring my specific know-how and deliver the knowledge and help you need. Workshops, brainstorming sessions and similar should happen in the real world whenever possible, but many engagements can be 100% remote or a mix of onsite and offsite work, depending on specific circumstances.

Custom development

Do you have the specs but not the people to bring them to life? We work together to create a blueprint of what your app will do and how it will look. My team and I will take it from where your knowledge ends and build iteratively on your vision. A transparent process will give you visibility into our progress and changes will be expected and welcomed at the beginning of each iteration. Typically, each iteration will have its own estimate and prich such that your budget is under control.

Staff augmentation

When needed, I will join your team as an outside consultant and fill in the gaps. A good cultural fit is key here. I work best with companies that have an agile mindset without necessarily following any specific methodology to a T. This service is provided remotely only.

Let’s Get Started!

The best way to reach me is via email, tomas@tomaskohl.com. We'll discuss your needs, then set up the initial Zoom call to get to know each other. I look forward to hearing from you soon.