Using Nuget packages with .NET Interactive
published on Feb 11, 2020

I test how I can use Nuget packages when fooling around with Jupyter notebooks using C#.

First steps with .NET Interactive
published on Feb 07, 2020

I dip my toes into the fresh waters of .NET Interactive. An intro post.

The amazing (and dangerous!) switch expressions in C# 8
published on Feb 05, 2020

I love the switch expressions in C# 8. They are a nifty little tool to move away from procedural ways of thinking and writing code. However, they seem to also contain dangers that could take away years of progress made in OOP.

Have fun with the command line on Windows 10
published on Feb 04, 2020

There are so many options for command-line bliss on modern Windows that it's hard to pick favorites.

How to create reports in MongoDB with just some Javascript
published on Feb 01, 2020

MongoDB does not speak SQL. That's fine - it speaks Javascript. You can quickly export interesting views on your data with just a bit of code.