Announcing "Milonga T"

Tango Is Alive!

I am a big believer in having "skin in the game", to quote Nassim Taleb. The last time I organized a milonga was in 2013, and inasmuch as I love guest-DJing wherever they'd have me, I feel I should put my DJing to the real test now again.

Milongas in Prague tend to have a roster of DJs. As a dancer, you might not even know who's playing tonight before you arrive. Therefore, I can't be sure whether they've come to enjoy the music I tend to play, or simply because there happened to be a milonga that evening.

What I intend to test is whether my dancers are keen on exploring the living tango tradition with me, or if I can perhaps persuade them to do so. A monthly get-together to dance to music that goes beyond the 1935-1949 "fund of the classics".

If you happen to be in Prague next Thursday, drop by Café Lajka and dance with us! The directions and other logistics will be detailed out in the Facebook event.

Café Lajka, U Akademie 11, 17000 Prague, Czech Republic

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