Tanda of the week: Caló look-alikes

Tanda of the week: Caló look-alikes

We've had an album with covers in the style of Miguel Caló featured here recently, and so I thought I would make a tanda in the same spirit. And why not highlight more than one orchestra? In fact, let's mix them up!

The plan

More bandoneóns, more violins, more violins, more soundwaves. I want a full orchestral sound that Mr. Caló deserves. The tempos should not dip below the normal walking beat (60 BPM). I've got some beautiful Trenzas at 55 BPM that I will leave aside today.


Opening the tanda is Collectif Roulotte Tango canta Gaspar Pocai with Qué falta que me hacés. Recorded in 2012 for their album Muñeca mecánica, it's a majestic take that rivals Caló/Podestá classic from 1963. Unfortunately, Roulotte is neither on Spotify nor on Youtube (not that I blame them), and the video below is a live performance.

(key: D minor, tempo: ~ 62 BPM)

Sexteto Cristal plays in a noble, restrained fashion that lends itself nicely to Caló's song, recorded originally with Podestá. Their version of Dos fracasos calms down the mood one notch. I wanted to take a step back to give the dancers a chance to digest the opener.

(key: B minor, tempo: ~ 63 BPM)

Orquesta Típica Sans Souci is represented with Si yo pudiera comprender, originally recorded by Caló with Iriarte. It continues in the mood of the previous track, a shade or two darker.

(key: C minor, tempo: ~ 63 BPM)

Now, I don't know if you're going to hate me for it, but I decided to end on a positive note. There's been enough suffering in this tanda if you ask me. Romantica Milonguera likes to put a smile on your face, and they will do it here with Roberto Minondi singing Rebeldía.

(key: E major, tempo: ~ 67 BPM)


Anywhere a nice romantic tanda would be applicable. If I needed a dramatic ending instead, I would swap Rebeldía for Trenzas, which would send me looking for something else to replace Si yo pudiera comprender so that Sans Souci would only be represented once. I quite like La vi llegar by Orquesta típica Villa Urquiza, perhaps I would use that for the #3 spot.

image credit goes to engin akyurt

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