A progressive tango mix for 2021, 1st edition

A progressive tango mix for 2021, 1st edition

The year 2020 made tango hibernate in all corners of the world, and so I didn't DJ and dance the way I planned, just like everyone else. No sense to make another yearly review! I did what you did: stayed at home. End of review.

Thinking about 2021, I hesitate to make any plans, our of fear of hearing God doing ROFL. 2022, then? I don't know. But whichever way this goes, I'd like to come back on stage and organize and DJ again.

I can't play for live dancers now (and I won't do any Zoom milongas, thank you very much) but I feel that the time has come for me to start preparing, if only theoretically. And so I give you my first "progressive tango mix", as I would like to call these, a sample of my current tastes and inclinations.

It has not been tested on dancers, and won't be for weeks or months to come. You can test-drive it yourself, should you be so inclined, or just listen to it while tele-working. God bless you either way.


Gloria * El Cachivache Quinteto (2020)
Al verla pasar * El Cachivache Quinteto (2020)
Varela Varelita * El Cachivache Quinteto (2020)

Esperanza * Tangótico / Alfredo Piro (2020)
Corazón sin Dios * San Telmo Lounge, Laura Cardini (2016)
Solo Esta Noche * Otros Aires, Meghan Kabir (2016)

Serenata * Piraña, Romina Grosso (2020)
Corazón de artista * Thito Amantte (2019)
El viejo vals * Dúo Fuertes Varnerín (2014)

A la gran muñeca * Pablo Valle Sexteto (2017)
Siete palabras * Sexteto Cristal (2019)
Comme il faut | Como debe ser * Quinteto Ángel (2014)

No sé tú * Orquesta Romantica Milonguera, Roberto Minondi (2020)
Solo tú * Orquesta Romantica Milonguera, Hache de Huilen (2019)
Algo contigo * Orquesta Romantica Milonguera, Ximena Gimenez, Roberto Minondi (2020)

Mi Corazón Calavera * Calavera Acid Tango (2018)
Ella es así * El Cachivache Quinteto (2020)
El porteñito * Otros Aires (2013)

El choclo * Tangorra Orquesta Atípica, Barbie Williams (2014)
Buenos Aires de mi Vida * Conjunto Berretin / Risa Rank (2004)
No te apures, Carablanca * The Alex Krebs Tango Sextet / Vicente El Cartucho" Griego" (2011)

Remembranza * Orquesta Típica Andariega (2019)
Quiero verte una vez más * Sexteto Andiamo (2019)
Todo te nombra * Orquesta Típica Andariega (2017)

La tapera * Sexteto Cristal, Guillermo Rozenthuler (2019)
La loca de amor * Sexteto Cristal (2019)
Quién será * Sexteto Cristal, Guillermo Rozenthuler (2019)

El último café * La Auténtica Milonguera / Marisol Martinez (2020)
Por la vuelta * La Auténtica Milonguera / Jesus Hidalgo (2020)
Tú, el cielo y tú * La Auténtica Milonguera / Marisol Martinez, Jesus Hidalgo (2020)

Tango Azul * Guitarra Azul (2008)
Dársena Sur * Juan Carlos Caceres (2013)
Milonguea del ayer * Craig Einhorn (2005)

Bella Ciao Milonga (instrumental version) * Los Herederos del Compás (2019)
No hay tierra como la mía * Orquesta Silbando, Sebastián Rossi (2018)
Milonga sentimental * London Tango Orchestra, Guillermo Rozenthuler (2016)

Beautiful Tango (Unplugged) * Hindi Zahra (2019)

The format is TTVTTM with tandas of three, the last song (Beautiful Tango) being a sole closer.

It does not feature all of the bands I would love to include, simply because not everyone is on Spotify, or on YouTube, or on Bandcamp, and I don't know how to make an auto-playable playlist combining tracks from these (if there is a way, please kindly let me know!).

I will see if I can make this a recurring feature. No promises just yet.

image credit goes to Siddharth Bhogra

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