Tanda of the week: Biagi/Amor

Tanda of the week: Biagi/Amor

This Biagi tanda is rounded and mellow. The year is 1945-1946 and the great master was about to reach 40 years old. The nervous ticks are beginning to subside and we hear many legatos, which he had not produced before in large quantities.

Why I built it this way

This is supposed to be a crowd-pleaser, and so I'm opening with Café de los Angelitos (E-mi, G-ma). I prefer this rendition to those by Canaro and Troilo; it's really smooth and chill.

Pudo ser una vida (G-ma,mi) is a well-balanced affair that start off upbeat and shows its lyricism in the second theme. I'd say it's one notch less chill than the opener, preparing the way for what's to come.

That is the lyrical center of the tanda, Lucienne (D-ma,mi), a totally under-rated piece of genius we don't get to hear so often. While not being overly exposed, I'd say the song is quite urgent and more on the lyrical side.

Closing off is Adiós, pampa mía (C-ma). Very chill and relaxed, it should inspire smiles all around.


Anytime, really. Given its softness and tempos (61, 62 BPM throughout), I'd put it next to a more rhytmical tanda, possibly after milongas.

image credit 7 SeTh on Unsplash